Use Cases

Imagine – How can Centerra help?

Use Case One : Focus on beverage sales, while Centerra simplifies IT.

PS Beverages is a medium sized company having a business which involves sales of milk based beverages which they manufacture and sell through their channels to customers. They have a lot of legacy IT products like servers, software, laptops and desktops, networking and storage and have quite a few applications supporting the business. However, the business is getting competitive and they want to go lean on the resources while ensuring that the business becomes truly digitally transformed.

Centerra can help migrate the infrastructure into the cloud and then help with moving all applications to a cloud based SAAS, making the technology responsive and secure to mobile access for all authorized employees. PS Beverages will pay for this entire infrastructure on a pay per use basis, thereby eliminating capital expenditure. Furthermore, Centerra will help them dispose of the old assets in an eco-friendly manner. Peace of Mind!

Use Case Two: Enabling a dream of taking art business online.

Shweta’s Art Online are an emerging business with an expertise in sales of art and handicrafts. They want to take the business online. We can help them by creating an e-business with e-commerce enabled website supported by social media marketing. We can link the small sales and operation team using collaboration tools and give easy accounting solutions to manage and track receivables. All this from the cloud, which will be pay per use, while they can focus on the business. We can even manage this infrastructure for Shweta’s Art. Easy does it!

Use Case Three: Centerra helps recycle and save

Ganesh Hosiery is an organization with a lot of old assets which are not efficiently used. They want to move to a cloud model, or maybe, they would need a hybrid model where some of the old applications will still be hosted on premise while some moves to cloud. Centerra can come and help implement the transformation and help Ganesh Hosiery recycle all the IT hardware that they would not need anymore. This will be done legally, responsibly using certified e-cycling experts. Simplify!

Use Case Four: Standing by you in your e-inclusion efforts

You are a corporate. You make profits. You have social responsibility. You engage in CSR. India needs to connect millions to the internet to make them more included in the digital society. Centerra can help you with refurbished and tested products which can make a difference to others at a fraction of a cost. Its our pleasure!

Use Case Five: Reusing is a smart option! Centerra EcoServ is a tech assurance solution.

Softek are a small start-up employing about thirty people. They need notebooks or desktops without spending too much, but they need the products to be tested so that they are good enough. Centerra can help them get refurbished products from leading brands at a fraction of a cost or even rent. Agarwal Traders saves valuable working capital and they can refresh their notebooks every two years. How about that?

Use Case Six: Solar power to the people. Centerra provides advisory in association with IIT

JBS Institution is a government funded college and want to take advantage of the various incentives that the government is giving to move partially to solar power by feeding roof top solar power produced in their premises back to the grid. But they do not know how to go about it. No worries, Centerra can help them with consultancy and design of all kinds of solar solutions with expertise from reputed institutes. Centerra can also train students on solar installation and maintenance. Power to the people!

Please note : Above are illustrations to explain various uses cases of Centerra’s services.