Cloud Serv

Migration advisory | Cloud Infra Sizing | SAAS Offerings | Infra Solutions

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Eco Serv

Life Cycle Services | Data Sanitization |E-waste Consulting | Refurbishing

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Energy Serv

Solar design
Consulting | Training

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Our vision of the future revolves around three concepts.

  • Business applications will move to the cloud, available on a pay per use basis. All applications and infrastructure will be available as a service.
  • All services will be accessed through devices like personal computers, mobiles and wearables. Every one would connect to the digital world and the demand for access devices will grow. Eco friendly recycling of discarded devices will keep environment safe. Refurbishing will help in digital inclusion.
  • Energy will be used efficiently. Electricity from solar sources will have innovative applications and will be seamlessly integrated with the power grid.

Centerra’s mission is to serve an ecologically responsible world connected by Cloud and powered by Sun.


We provide advisory, design, migration and management of cloud enabled digital environment. We help in IT Asset lifecycle management and encourage adoption of green technology.


Centerra’s goal is to work with businesses to move infrastructure and applications securely to the cloud, as practically as possible.

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EcoServ brings together services around IT asset Recovery, disposal and refurbishing

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India’s solar mission is to reach an installed capacity of 100GW by 2020

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Centerra solutions are for a wide variety of customers. We don’t just sell products. We love to discuss and arrive at a solution that would suit you. We believe that IT will transition to a pay per use model just like utilities.


We provide advisory for digitally transforming your business. We help in sizing infrastructure...

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We provide certified recycling solutions. One of the by product of our recycling...

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We provide specific app based solution for community services...

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For individual businesses, students and professionals our EcoServ...

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Frequently Asked Questions about ECOServ Refurbishing and Remarketing services.

Q. What is “ECOServ”?

ECOServ is a tech assurance brand that offers certified pre-owned/refurbished laptops and computers from leading brands.

Q. What does ITAD stand for?

ITAD or IT Asset Disposition is a specialised service of managing technology assets through their complete life cycle and beyond using a secure process in order to protect sensitive data and ensure...

Use Cases – How can Centerra help?


The world of IT is changing. The way we use IT, access information, analyse data, use intelligence from our own data is becoming radically different and the old IT infrastructure is not good enough or agile enough to deal with it. Centerra is a company which has embraced the future. Together we can drive a new way of using technology. Here are a few scenarios of use cases.